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mexican tiles  

Mexican tiles for sale are handmade of solid, two color and multicolored patterns and used for decorating kitchen backsplash wall, bathroom showers and stairs. Some ceramic tiles from Mexico show Mediterranean influence over Spanish heritage. Once the country was conquered, they began production of 2x2, 4x4 and 6x6 decorative talavera ceramics known as azulejos based on motives originated back in Europe. Mexican with Moorish and colonial hacienda artwork are genuine painted with designs made of at least four different colors. Background can be vintage white and the rest of the style handcrafted in terracotta, brown, yellow, green, orange, dark blue, cobalt or mix of them. Mexican tiles include red clay ceramics, high relief tiles, trims and hand painted wall murals.

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  • mexican washed color light blue tile detail view of light blue ceramic tiles from Mexico

    Mexican Tile "Washed Light Blue"

    Washed Light Blue ceramic tiles from Mexico. Handmade color talavera tiles are often used for decorating in rustic style home interiors including kitchen and bathrooms. You can use the tiles outdoors as well providing water is not going to freeze on...

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  • washed mexican terra cotta tile rustic washed mexican terra cotta tiles for country kitchen

    Mexican Tile "Washed Terra Cotta"

    Mexican solid terra cotta tiles are handmade in sizes 2x2, 4x4 and 6x6. They are more rustic looking than the same color with solid finishing. If you are finishing your kitchen, bath or perhaps fireplace mantel with more country style or Southern...

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  • mexican washed yellow tile set of mexican yellow tiles with washed pattern

    Mexican Tile "Washed Yellow"

    To appreciate the beauty of Mexican yellow tiles with washed pattern it is important to understand how they are actually made. Tile production begins from cutting by hand square talavera tiles. They are not exactly same nor have identical shape...

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  • mexican bright white tiles mexican in dolores hidalgo snow white talavera tiles

    Mexican Tile "White"

    Mexican bright snow white tiles unlike typical for Mexico creamy tone white are often incorporated with both Spanish colonial and modern interior design projects. In case of those ceramic tiles the white paint is solid covering the entire surface...

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  • Solid yellow mexican tiles painted yellow color ceramic tiles from Mexico

    Mexican Tile "Yellow"

    Mexican ceramic solid yellow tiles are good choice for a kitchen backsplash and counter. Those tiles add Spanish character to the room as they ware often used by the Europeans during colonial area. Yellow tiles are for sale in 2x2, 4x4 and 6x6 inch...

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  • Mexican tile mural with arch bridge mexican tile mural

    Mexican Tile Mural "Arch Bridge"

    Are your looking for a unique rustic decoration for your kitchen? Our painted tile mural “Arch Bride” can embellish the kitchen backsplash, tabletop or walls bringing the Southern or Mexican flair to any space. This mural is 32 x 24 made...

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  • mexican tile mural with arches mexican tile mural

    Mexican Tile Mural "Arches"

    A hand-painted, kitchen tile mural, perfect for a backsplash wall, brings an old European or Southern style. The decorative tile from Mexico "Arches" is 24 x 20-inch design in brown, terracotta and blue on a white background. This stunning, bucolic scene...

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  • mexican tile mural with archway to the vineyard mexican tile mural

    Mexican Tile Mural "Archway to the Vineyard"

    If you are looking to enhance Mediterranean or Southern-style in your kitchen, consider our tile mural "Archway to the Vineyard" which will transport you immediately to the vineyards in the South of France or Spain. A hand-painted tile mural can mark a...

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  • mexican tile mural with balcony mexican tile mural

    Mexican Tile Mural "Balcony"

    If you love vintage and a little bit romantic style, check out our kitchen tile mural "Balcony". It is a horizontal mural, suitable for large spaces such as an accent wall in the kitchen or dining area in an open concept kitchen. This handcrafted tile...

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  • mexican tile mural with beautiful archway mexican tile mural

    Mexican Tile Mural "Beautiful Archway"

    If your idea is to decorate your kitchen backsplash with figurative art that reminds you of the Colonial landscapes of Mexico, consider installing a stunning hand-painted kitchen Talavera tile mural "Beautiful Archway. The mural is 24 x 28 inches design...

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  • mexican tile mural with beautiful catrina mexican tile mural

    Mexican Tile Mural "Beautiful Catrina"

    If you are in love with Mexican festivities and customs, you should definitely consider our incredible kitchen tile mural "Beautiful Catrina”. The name says it all. Our 4x4 talavera tiles combination creates a varicolored and complex image of...

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