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Mexican talavera floor tiles are handmade from red clay. They are produced in various sizes and shapes. The most common terra cotta floor tiles are 8x8 and 10x10. You can buy them rectangular, octagonal and square. Often, smaller rustic and decorative tiles from Dolores Hidalgo or Puebla are installed as inserts among the larger floor tiles. They add hacienda character to a dining, living, family room and kitchen or bathroom. You will find them South of the border and Southern USA on patios, verandas and entry foyer. They are great for flooring residential homes, commercial establishments and colonial style hotels. There are very little regions in the world where rustic ceramic tiles are still manufactured and Mexico is one of them.

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    Terracotta Floor Tiles

    Terracotta floor tiles made of red clay from central Mexican state of Guanajuato. Great handmade classic square shape pavers for Spanish and colonial architecture. You can used them indoors and outdoors for decorating walls and floors. Once varnished...

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