Solid Color Tiles

mexican solid color tiles  

Mexican color painted tiles are handmade as solid and washed. The first tile version has more modern look because of paint spread on the entire surface evenly. The second style of color tiles has antique white background decorated with semi transparent layers. Such production technique creates rustic effect and combined with hand cut red clay bisques unmistakable Mexican solid color tile style. Tones most often used for talavera are blue, black, cobalt, yellow, orange and green. They are available as 6"x 6", 4"x 4" and 2"x 2" sizes and free shipping to the continental USA.

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  • mexican painted color tiles mix

    Mexican Colors Tile Mix

    Mexican color mix consists of hundred 4x4 inch size painted ceramic tiles. They includes terra cotta, blue, green, yellow, orange in various shades. Some tiles are washed with semi transparent look and others are solid. The set consists of more less...

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  • mexican black color tiles painted black talavera tiles detail view

    Mexican Tile "Black"

    Mexican Black tile for a kitchen, bathroom, shower and any other indoor space in the house or commercial establishment. Painted by hand talavera black tile delivery from Mexico to the US takes approximately six weeks with time needed for black color...

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  • mexican dark blue tiles painted dark blue tiles from Mexico

    Mexican Tile "Dark Blue"

    Mexican dark blue tiles. Hand painted solid color tiles are best for adding old world style to a kitchen backsplash, counter, bathroom walls and patio. Blue talavera tile delivery from Mexico to the US mainland is estimated for six weeks from the...

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  • mexican green tile mexican painted green solid color tiles

    Mexican Tile "Green"

    Mexican solid green ceramic tiles. Painted color tiles demonstrate best typical Mexican character of the indoor designs. Talavera tiles are glazed and moisture resistant. It means you can use them indoors in wet areas such as showers, kitchens and...

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  • mexican solid light blue ceramic tiles detail view of mexican tiles hand painted in solid light blue color

    Mexican Tile "Light Blue"

    Mexican solid light blue ceramic tiles. Hand painted color tiles are often used for creating traditional style in a room such as kitche, bath or powder room. They can be used on backsplash and shower walls. Ceramic blue tile delivery from Mexico to...

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  • mexican orange color tiles painted in orange color ceramic tiles from mexico

    Mexican Tile "Orange"

    Hand made in Dolores Hidalgo located in central Mexico orange color tiles tiles. Artisan produced color tiles are great addition to nay existing or a new project decor around your house or restaurant. The tile has solid orange color style. You can...

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  • mexican solid red tile painted mexican tiles in solid red color

    Mexican Tile "Red"

    Mexican solid color red tiles. Handmade tiles are best for adding Moorish style to a kitchen backsplash, counter, bathroom walls and patio. Mosaic red tile delivery from Mexico to the US mainland is estimated for six weeks from the payment date...

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  • mexican white tiles wall decorated with white mexican tiles

    Mexican Tile "Rustic White"

    Mexican white tiles. Those are the most Mexican tiles you will find on the market. They are off white with some creamy tone making them looking antique. Production of white tiles in Mexico begins from forming a talavera tile and whishing it with the...

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  • mexican solid color terracotta tile painted in mexico brown terra cotta ceramic tiles

    Mexican Tile "Terra Cotta"

    Terra cotta painted tiles are one of the most common color painted tiles in Mexico. Many old house, restaurants and palaces were decorated with brown tiles. Some fountain basins in Mexico are covered with terracotta tile as well. Often, they are used...

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  • mexican washed dark blue tile mexican ceramic tiles painted with dark blue cobalt color over white background

    Mexican Tile "Washed Dark Blue"

    Mexican tiles with washed dark blue over white background pattern. Using that painting technique it is possible to achieve antique effect. Ceramic tiles from Mexico look like they were produced by hand centuries ago. They are a best product for...

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  • mexican washed green tiles detail of the green ceramic tiles from Mexico

    Mexican Tile "Washed Green"

    Mexican Rustic Green tiles. Hand painted color tiles with washed pattern are first painted white and then washed with green color. It makes ceramic tiles rustic looking. Since washed green tiles are custom made, it takes about six weeks to deliver...

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  • mexican washed color light blue tile detail view of light blue ceramic tiles from Mexico

    Mexican Tile "Washed Light Blue"

    Washed Light Blue ceramic tiles from Mexico. Handmade color talavera tiles are often used for decorating in rustic style home interiors including kitchen and bathrooms. You can use the tiles outdoors as well providing water is not going to freeze on...

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