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talavera tile design mix  

Buy Mexican mixed tile designs for a kitchen backsplash, stair risers and countertop. Our store has on offer a few hundred talavera tile patterns. They are either flat or relief. Both styles are sold with typical for Mexico decorative multicolor patterns as well as Spanish two color designs. They are based mostly on a cobalt artwork over creamy painted white background. Our mosaic mixed tile sets are for sale in 200 2x2, 100 4x4 and 40 6x6 lots.

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  • Mosaic tiles
  • Mexican talavera tile designs
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  • mexican painted color tiles mix

    Mexican Colors Tile Mix

    Mexican color mix consists of hundred 4x4 inch size painted ceramic tiles. They includes terra cotta, blue, green, yellow, orange in various shades. Some tiles are washed with semi transparent look and others are solid. The set consists of more less...

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  • mexican folk art tile mix

    Mexican Folk Art Tile Mix

    Mexican folk art tiles are made of hundred different and typical for the country symbols. The mix includes gecko lizards, cactuses, Mexicans, flowers, moon, sun and eclipse, sunflowers or desert. Background of the folk art tiles is also in gran...

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  • mexican blue white classic colonial tiles

    Mexican Blue White Tile Mix

    Blue and white patterns make classic colonial tile designs. Those tiles were made in Mexico right from the beginning of the conquest. Spanish tradition at the time of ceramic production incorporated just a few basic colors, most dark blue almost...

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  • Mexican hand painted celestial ceramic tiles

    Mexican Celestial Tile Mix

    Mexican celestial tiles designs are made of four main motifs and the set consists of 100 4x4 tiles. Those are hand painted sun, moon, eclipse and stars. The combination of the tile designs is immense and many of them are quite artistic...

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  • mixed mexican tile patterns

    Mexican Talavera Tile Mix

    If you are planning some major tiling work, consider buying our stunning Mexican mixed talavera flair tiles patterns sets. It gives you an opportunity to purchase the highest quality painted ceramic tiles on the market and still offer savings of some...

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