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Among hundreds of talavera style patterns which Mexican Tiles are made of, we can distinguish three different tile design trends. Those are simple patterns made of two color geometrical designs. Those ceramic products are called classic colonial or Spanish tiles. Multicolor Mexican tile designs with various backgrounds and complicated artwork. Often, the background is painted with antique white that looks little bid creamy. They consist of many colors including reds, brown, blue, yellow, orange, green and terra cotta. And folk art tile designs based on Mexican motifs such as lizards, geckos, flowers, birds, sun and moon, eclipse or desert scenery.

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  • Mexican Tile Tehuacán mexican tile tehuacan yellow cobalt white

    Mexican Tile "Tehuacán"

    If you would love to add a medieval feel to your interiors but you do not like dark colors, we have a solution for you. Bring an ancient look to your dining room, bathroom, or kitchen with our Mexican tile "Tehuacán" enhancing old-world...

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  • Mexican Tile Tepexpan mexican tile tepexpan yellow blue green

    Mexican Tile "Tepexpan"

    If you want to enliven your interiors, consider our colorful and cheerful Talavera tiles that are made 100% in an artisan way. Some of our complex and alluring designs can be appreciated once several tiles are tiled side by side and that is the case of...

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  • Mexican Tile Tijuana mexican tile tijuana light blue yellow white

    Mexican Tile "Tijuana"

    Unlimited combinations of patterns and colorways make handmade Mexican tiles one of the most versatile materials for home and business renovation projects. Our “Tijuana” style tiles present an old European pattern with wavy lines...

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  • Mexican Tile Waco mexican tile waco yellow green blue

    Mexican Tile "Waco"

    One of the greatest ways of adding interest in any design is by introducing unique color combinations. Our Mexican tile “Waco” is an explosion of intense and beautiful Mexican hues including two shades of yellow, green, terracota and blue. It...

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